Professor of Typography. Past President of ATypI. Co-founder of ISTVC and Granshan Foundation. Working in the field since 1986, and at Reading since 1998. Focusing on knowledge transfer projects, consultancy, and course development. Programme director for the MA Communication Design / Typeface Design, MRes Typography & Graphic Communication, MRes Typeface Design, and course director for the TDi summer course. SFHEA.  
Research interests: typeface design processes, typographic education, and  Greek typeface design and typography.

→ Support for Greek typeface design

Knowledge Transfer activities

Other texts
Presentations, lectures, keynotes
Research co-supervision
Invited teaching
Reviewing, organising, and related work
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Knowledge Transfer activities  

Workshops on curriculum design, research methods, course planning, student feedback and evaluation, and integrating research into practice
• South West & Wales Doctoral Training Partnership : November 2021
University of Ghent : November 2020
Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice : October/December 2020
• RCA | Beyond the Margins, London : May 2019
• Jingren, Beijing : April 2019
Dongdao Design, Beijing : March 2018
• Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok : October 2017
University of Moratuwa, Colombo : March 2017
• Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem : January 2012
AFA Katowice : January 2012
(Seminars and lectures on this subject also at other institutions)

Mentorship and strategic support
For professionals and companies active in the typeface and typography market, and for companies requiring insights and guidance for decisions that involve typeface design and typography. (Client list: confidential)

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship supervisor (2019–22)
Titus Nemeth (Researcher). TypoArabic: Towards historically informed practice in contemporary Arabic typography. 

Typographic knowledge for global communication (2016–)
Initiation and series editorship of books on typography and typeface design translated into Chinese, in partnership with CITIC. With the support of ATypI, CAFA, and the University of Reading.

Greek typeface design and typographic support for:
A2SWHK, Adobe, Bigelow & Holmes, BlackFoundry, Chank Diesel, Clubtype, DaltonMaag, Darden Studio, Łukasz Dziedzic, Farnhill, FontShop, FontSmith, Frere-Jones, Hoefler & Co, Letterjuice, Microsoft, Štorm Type, Monotype (incl. Ascender, Bitstream, FontShop, Linotype), Morisawa, Munchfonts, Optimo, Process Type Foundry, Saja Typeworks, Jeremy Tankard, Terminal Design, Mark Thomson, Tiro Typeworks, Type-Together, Typotheque, and others.

KTP Merson Sign Design (2010–12)
A two-year, funded project to enable a company with an established presence in sign design and manufacturing to develop and embed in-house capability in multiple language and multi-script applications.

KTP Monotype Imaging (2008–10)
A two-year, funded project to develop a strategy for bringing to market fonts based on Monotype’s archive of historic drawings for legacy typemaking technologies, and develop new, extended-character set typefaces for the Indian mobile market.



Themes in the globalisation of typeface design. In Sahar Afshar, Darryl Lim, and Vaibhav Singh (Eds), Script, print, and letterforms in global contexts. (in press).

Enabling modernity: innovation in modulated Greek typefaces (2018). In Philological Encounters. Brill • available to buy via Brill • also free download

Designing Greek (2018). In Ben Wittner, Sascha Thoma, Timm Hartmann (eds.), Bi-Scriptual: Typography and Graphic Design with Multiple Script Systems. Niggli • A later version published on Medium as Designing Greek typefaces (2018)

A reappraisal of Baskerville’s Greek types (2017). In Caroline Archer & Malcolm Dick (Eds), John Baskerville: art, industry and culture in the Enlightenment.  The University of Liverpool Press

Book review (2016). History of the Monotype Corporation, Judy Slinn, Sebastian Carter, & Richard Southall; Andrew Boag & Christopher Burke (Eds). Vanbrugh Press, 2014. In The Times Literary Supplement, 11 February 2016

Snapshots from 1985–1995 (2015). Exhibition, FAAP: Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, São Paulo

On systems and quality in typeface design (2015). In 5th Meeting of Typography – Book of Proceedings. Ana Catarina Silva & Marta Madureira (Eds). IPCA, Barcelos • Text also on Academia.edu

Beyond Latin (2015). With John Hudson, Neelakash Kshetrimayum, Kamal Mansour, and Pascal Zoghbi. In Eye 90

Typeface review: Essay Text (2015). In Typographica, Stephen Coles (Ed.)

Greek printing outside Greece, from the 15th century to e-books (2015). Exhibition, Reading

You make it happen: document demand, typeface supply (2014). In Granshan design & identity, Boris Kochan (Ed.), Kochan & Partner • Text on Academia.edu

Typeface review: Capita (2014). In Typographica, Stephen Coles (Ed.)

Going global: the last decade in multi-script type design (2013). In Typographica, Stephen Coles (Ed.) • Text on Academia.edu and on this site

Slanted Babylon (2013). In Slanted Special Issue: BabylonJulia Kahl (Ed.), Magma Brand Design

Reading typeface design (2013). In Yearbook of type, Julia Kahl (Ed.), Niggli

An emerging discipline (2013). In Parenthesis no 24. Sebastian Carter (Ed.), FPBA • Text on Academia.edu and on this site

Type ahead (2013). In Computer Arts Collection: Typography, Vol 2 no 2

Typeface review: Colvert (2013). In Typographica, Stephen Coles (Ed.)

Thoughts on a quiet master (2012). In Monotype Recorder, Monotype Imaging (Republished online)

Foreword for Type compass: charting new routes in typography (2012). SHS Publishing, Rome

You need an opinion, on top of an impulse (2012). In Whatever Next: a discourse on typography, James Edgar (Ed.), Camberwell Press • Text on Academia.edu
(Publication accompanied by exhibition at the Kemistry Gallery, October 2012)

Never lost for words (2012). Text for booklet on a font collection, Monotype Imaging

Type design and development (2012). In Typography Referenced, Emily Potts (Ed.), Rockport Publishers

In the bunker: the first TypoLondon stirs things up – and takes the locals by surprise (2011). Review of 2011 TypoLondon conference. In Eye magazine, no 82, and on the Eye blog

Lost in flatlands (2011). Eye magazine, no 80, and online. See also follow-on piece in Typenotes:  ‘Palettes are evil’ (8 August 2011)

In with the old, in with the new (2011). Review of the first Design of Understanding conference. In Eye magazine, no 79, and a shorter version on the Eye blog

Type tales told for ordinary folk (2010) Review of Just my type: a book about fonts. Simon Garfield, Profile Books, 2010. In Eye magazine, no 78, and online

Formal richness for the tablet age (2010). Review of Type: a visual history of typefaces and graphic styles, (2 vols), Cees W. de Jong (Ed.). Taschen 2010. In Eye magazine, no 77, and online

A few things about typeface design (2009, 2010). Published in the Letter Exchange Forum no 18, September 2009, and in I love typography, March 2010 • Spanish translation published on UnosTiposDuros, September 2014

Languages, scripts, and typefaces (2006). Response published in tipoGrafica no 70 • Text on Academia.edu

A primer for Greek type design (2002). In Language, Culture, Type, John D Berry (Ed.), ATypI & Graphis

An introduction to Greek typeface design (2000). Palo Alto, CA: AGFA/Monotype, 54 pp

Γραμματοσειρές και πολιτισμική ταυτότητα (2000). Ειδική έκδοση Ελληνική τυπογραφία

Don Knuth’s Digital Typography: in search of the digital Cresci (1999). In Information Design Journal, 9:3, 1999, 111–118


Other texts

Type specimens as learning tools (2020). In Marian Misiak (Ed.), Support independent type—the new culture of type specimens, Slanted Publishers, pp 18–19

The letters also loved him: Gerard Unger, ATypI member extraordinaire (2019). Published on Medium

Slanted Babylon (2019). In Ian Lynam (Ed.), Total Armageddon: a Slanted reader on design. Slanted Publishers, pp 273–279

Reflections about supervision in Communication Design Research (2018). Rafael Dietzsch (ed.). In De Mãos Dadas: Uma reflexão sobre orientações na pesquisa em Comunicação, Publicações da Faculdade de Comunicação da Universidade de Brasília – FAC/UnB, pp 120–127

Writing for design students, part 3: three essentials (2018). Published on Medium

Conversation (2018). Amalgam, no 1. Full transcript here, and on Medium

Writing for design students, part 2: Describing things (2016). Published on Medium

Writing for design students, part 1: A pattern for structured writing (2016). Published on Medium (2016)

All trousers, no legs (2015). Published on Medium, republished on Business Insider and the UoR News site, and translated into Spanish for Don Serifa

Farewell, Richard Southall. (2015) Personal obituary on a great teacher

Form(al) education (2014). Comment on design education for Form magazine

Expert Shmexpert (2014). Notes for KL

From concrete to fluid, but not yet to social (2013). Thoughts on capturing lectures

Echoes on designing across scripts (2013). Email archaeology in typeface discussions

The next ten years (2013). Predictions in Typographica

The origin of “adhesion” (2013). A bit of background

A comics reminisce, and the Daytripper (2012). Notes on favourite comics

Never lost for words (2012). Booklet on a font collection, Monotype Imaging

What, how, why (2011). Putting the MATD in context

Explaining typeface design (2011). Instance from a session at the UBA


Presentations, lectures, keynotes

Designing for the future: diverse and inclusive typeface design by default : Hong Kong Design Institute (October 2021)

Three public talks for the 2020 International Summer School of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana : Identifying genres and styles, The type market & career options, and Studying typefaces to improve your briefs (videos in the links)

The current state of PhD research in Typography. (Keynote) ATypI Working Seminar, Amiens (February 2020) • video

Themes in the globalisation of typeface design. Future Graphic Language: New Directions in Verbal Communication, Warsaw (December 2019) • video

The decentralised mainstream. (Keynote) ICTVC, Patra (June 2019) • video • also: Beijing (October 2019)

Integrating research in practice. ATypI Working Seminar Colombo, University of Moratuwa (March 2019) • video

Typefaces, texts, and global documents. Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies, Oxford Brookes University (March 2019)

Heritage and creativity, productivity and innovation. (Keynote) Symposium on  Creative Chinese Character, Beijing (October 2018)

Themes in the globalisation of typeface design. Script, print, and letterforms in global contexts, Birmingham (June 2018)

Giving form to Variable Fonts. (Keynote) TypoLabs, Berlin (April 2018) • video available

Teaching with archives in a practice-based discipline. Graduate School, Chinese National Academy of Arts (March 2018)

Enabling modernity: innovation in modulated Greek typefaces. (Keynote) Face-Interface conference, Stanford (December 2017) • slides on Speakerdeck

The designer as social mentor v. 2. BITS conference, Bangkok (October 2017)

Enabling modernity: innovation in modulated Greek typefaces v. 1. Granshan conference, Yerevan (October 2017) • video on YouTube

The designer as social mentor v. 1. TGA triennial symposium, Raabs (August 2017) • video forthcoming

Research-based design: integrating archives in a practice-based discipline. AEPM Conference, Chania (May 2017) • report here

Design education for the next twenty-five years. Tsinghua University, Beijing, (March 2017)

Typography and diversity (China version). Way of Type, Beijing (March 2017)

Typography and diversity. (Keynote) Typography Day, DID: University of Moratuwa, Colombo (February 2017) • video on YouTube

What would Richard do? Automatic Type Design 2, ANRT, Nancy (November 2016) • video forthcoming

Helvetica is dead. Sans Everything, ESAD Amiens (October 2016) • video

Putting words in front of eager eyes: type for global audiences. UX Oxford (July 2016) • slides on Speakerdeck • video on Vimeo

A framework for developing discourse in typeface design. ICTVC6, Thessaloniki (July 2016) • slides on Speakerdeck

Zombie typography. Kerning.It, Faenza (June 2016) • slides on Speakerdeck • video on Vimeo

Enlightened typography for a small world (Korean version). (Keynote) KSBDA, Seoul (May 2016)

Enlightened typography for a small world. Basel School of Design (April 2016) • video forthcoming

Key ideas in typeface design.  Font ForumCAFA, Beijing (March 2016)  • video pending

A framework for developing discourse in typeface design. FaceForward conference, Dublin (December 2015)

From tragedy to politics: Doxiadis’ argument for post-war reconstruction. Presentation in the “Books in unexpected places” series of the Being Human festival (Reading 2015) • video pending

Swift strokes and sampled constructs. ISType, Istanbul (June 2015) • slides on Speakerdeck • video on Vimeo

Where’s my jetpack? Breaking Borders (December 2014) • video on Vimeo

On minimum quality in typeface design. (Keynote) 5 Encontro de Tipografia, Barcelos (November 2014) • slides on Speakerdeck

The Didot Greeks: a masterful adaptation with a persistent legacy. Didot conference, Amiens (October 2014) 

Typefaces for screens. Smashing Conference, Freiburg (September 2014) • slides on Speakerdeck • video on Vimeo

Learning to see questions. (Keynote) Typecon Education Forum, Washington DC (July 2014)

Notes on multi-script typeface design. Die Welt in Schrift – GRANSHAN. TGM, Munich (July 2014) • slides on Speakerdeck

Document demand, typeface supply. Toppan Printing Museum, Tokyo (May 2014)

Challenges and methods in multiscript typeface design. TYPE&, Tokyo (May 2014)

From production specification, to markup for meaning. InfoDesign 2014, UDLAP, Mexico (March 2014)

Display typefaces. SVC, BIAD, Birmingham City University (January 2014)

Out of the Reading box. Eye magazine Type Tuesday, St Bride Library, London (December 2013)

Tools, techniques, and innovation in typographic design. Design.r/e.volution, Warsaw (November 2013) • slides on Speakerdeck

Notes on typographic decisions [panel contribution]. W3C: Publishing and the Open Web Platform, Paris (September 2013) • slides on Speakerdeck

Document demand, typeface supply. Granshan Conference, Bangkok (July 2013) • slides on Speakerdeck

The Newest New Typography. Ampersand Conference, Brighton (June 2013) • slides on Speakerdeck • video on Vimeo

Who needs another German type designer? TypoBerlin  (May 2013) • slides on Speakerdeck

John 1, Victor 0 : a reappraisal of Baskerville’s Greek types. Industry & Genius, Birmingham (April 2013). Repeated at ICTVC, Nicosia (June 2013)

This is the new typography (and the typefaces that make it happen) v.2. ALUO Design Talks, Ljubljana (April 2013) • video on YouTube

A renaissance in display typography. (Keynote) Typography Day Guwahati (March 2013) [cancelled due to illness]

Typography maturing online. Brill Symposium, Leiden (November 2012)

The Greek-English Intermediate Lexicon. TDC Salon (November 2012) [cancelled due to hurricane Sandy]

This is the new typography (and the typefaces that make it work)TypoLondon (October 2012) • slides on Speakerdeck. Repeated at Transit Gallery, Prague (November 2012)

Digging into the ATypI Archive ATypI Hong-Kong  (October 2012) • slides on Speakerdeck

Developing a new model for distance-learning in an archives-rich discipline. Designs on eLearning, London (September 2012) • Proposal here

Redefining typographic teaching for shiny planes. (Keynote) Typecon Milwaukee Education Forum (August 2012) • slides on Speakerdeck

A new bilingual lexicon. ISType, Istanbul (June 2012) • Original talk on Vimeo.  Repeated at ALUO Design Talks, Ljubljana (April 2013) • Their video is better

It’s typography, Jim, but not as we know it…. Od „Ala Ma Kota” Do E-Matury, Warsaw (April 2012) • Video on YouTube, slides here

A new, hybrid postgraduate programme. IDC 2012, Katowice (January 2012)

Emerging meta-typography. Critical Tensions, St Bride, London (November 2011)

Think it through! ATypI Letter2, Buenos-Aires (October 2011) • Video on the ATypI site

Integrating research in typographic education. Un coup de des, ESAD, Paris (September 2010)

A few thoughts on typeface design v.2. TGA, Vienna (March 2010)

What Greek can teach designers. ATypI Mexico (October 2009)

Thoughts on typeface design education. Typecon Atlanta (July 2009)

Typeface design for graphic designers v.2. Sofia Design Week (June 2009)

Typeface design for graphic designers v.1. Dublin Institute of Technology (March 2009)

A few thoughts on typeface design v.1.  ATypI St Petersburg (September 2008). Repeated at the Letter Exchange, London (January 2009)

Book design in transition: a threat or an opportunity for designers? STGU, Warsaw (December 2007)

Thoughts on specialisation in design education. First Conference on Design Education, Katowice (December 2007)

Rethinking [typo]graphic design education. ATypI Helsinki (September 2005)

Making design practice explicit. Typo.graphic.beirut, Beirut (April 2005)

Who needs another typeface? and  The designers are off snowboarding! University of Alberta (May 2005)

Type design as lotus-eating. Bad Type, St Bride, London (October 2004)

Restating the brief: a new agenda for design education. ICTVC, Thessaloniki (June 2004)

Polytonic Greek. ATypI Vancouver (September 2003)

Greek typeface design. Parsons School of Design, New York (September 2003)

Rewriting the alphabet: a case-study of history forgotten. Mind the map!, Istanbul (July 2002)

On some Greek typefaces of the last five years. ICTVC, Thessaloniki (June 2002)

Developing strands in Greek type design. ATypI Copenhagen (September 2001)

Leipzig and Greek type design. ATypI Leipzig (September 2000)

Typography and the Greek language: designing in a cultural context. ATypI Reading (September 1997)

Panels, fora, etc.
Type-Tech Meetup : four panel moderations (November 2020; February, June, November 2021)
TypoLabs: Tools and shapes (Berlin 2018)
Education / Research strand coordinator / moderator:  ATypI (annually 2003–09, and 2014– onwards)
Type-Crit member : ATypI (annually 2013–19)
Education Panelist/Moderator :
 ICTVC, Nicosia (2013)
• Typecon Buffalo (2008), Typecon Atlanta (2009), Typecon Milwakee (2012), Typecon Seattle (2016)
• IDC, Katowice (2012)
• “The letter eth” : ATypI Reykjavik (2011)
• Multilingual typeface design panel member. Typecon New York (2005)


Research co-supervision

Yong Ring (2021–) : Typographical variations in Chinese print: missionaries, metal type and printing press in late imperial China (1813-1860)

Andrew Byrom (2021–PT) : The interpretation of suggested/predictive (unknown) forms in dimensional typeface design

Esra Bulut Peynirci (2019–20) : [The contribution of Geographical Information Systems to a web-based system for the improvement of a participatory approach in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Hampshire]

Sorin Pintilie (2018– ) : Digital and platform-independent type systems.

Arjun Khara (2018– ) : Facilitating fairness: a critical analysis of government forms in the Republic of Singapore from 2007 to 2020.

Eduardo Novais (2018–19, sandwich project with the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco) : Methodology for the teaching of calligraphy in undergraduate courses of graphic design.

Najla Badran (2017– PT) : Diacritics in the Arabic script and typography.

Mohamad Dakak (2017– ) : Towards understanding inconsistency in Arabic type design and its effect on Arab readership.

Ferdinand Ulrich (2015– PT) : The interaction between changing design processes, technologies, distribution models and production of type in the digital era.

Borna Izadpanah (2016–21) : Typesetting Persian books and newspapers: the tensions between traditionalism, modernity, and perceptions of national identity.

Victor Gaultney (2015–20) : Italics redefined: influences and approaches in the design of contemporary secondary text typefaces.

Pria Ravichandran (2015–20) : The development of typographic forms for Kannada and Telugu scripts.

Riccardo Olocco (2015–19) : A new method of analyzing printed type : the case of 15th-century Venetian romans.

Elena Papassissa (2015–19) : Armenian typefaces from 1840 to the present: traditionalism, Latinisation, and the search for identity through changing technologies.

David Osbaldestin (2014–21 PT) : The sans serif in nineteenth-century printed ephemera: a Birmingham and the Midlands case-study. (registered at BCU/BIAD)

Emanuela Conidi (2013–18) : Early Arabic types in Europe and the Middle East between the XVI and XIX centuries.

Helena Lekka (2012–16) : Linotype’s design of new Greek typefaces for photocomposition in the Greek printing market, 1970-1980.

Matthew Lickiss (2012–15) : Relationships between document instantiations across systems, mediums, and genres. | Book available online

Jeanne-Louise Moys (2009–12) : Typography and reader perceptions of affect in document design.

Research Advisory Group member

Alastair Montgomery (2010– ) : [Typographic variables on reading processes in dyslexic children.]

Androniki Sioki (2008–14 PT) : Reading and the morphology of the page: a historical study of the typographic design of the Greek alphabet book, 1771–1919.

Titus Nemeth (2010–13) : Arabic type making in the machine age: the influence of technology on the form of Arabic type, 1908–1993.

Myra Thiessen (2008–11) : Using visual explanations of complex verbal concepts to aid dyslexic children in literacy acquisition.

Jo De Baerdemaeker (2005–08) : Tibetan Typeforms, from 1738 up to the present day.


Invited teaching

Hong Kong Design Institute : October 2021
University of Ghent : November 2020
Tsinghua University : October 2020
ALUO Type Days, Ljubljana : August 2020
écal, Lausanne : Februry–May 2020
Tsinghua University : October 2019
CAFA, Beijing : March–April 2016
DHBW Ravensburg
: September 2015
Mushashino University, Tokyo : April 2014
, Tokyo : May 2014
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok : July 2013
University of Nicosia : February 2009, June 2010, June 2011, June 2013
ALUO, Ljubljana : April 2013
VSUP, Prague : November 2012
TDC, New York : October 2007, November 2012 [cancelled due to hurricane Sandy]
IStype, Istanbul : June 2012
Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem : January 2012
Letter2, Buenos-Aires : October 2011
Die Graphische, Vienna : March 2010
Katowice and Cieszyn, Poland: November 2006, July 2009
University of Macedonia : February 2007
University of Alberta : May 2005
ICTVC, Thessaloniki : June 2002, June 2004
Lahti Institute of Design : May 2002
tipoGrafica, Buenos-Aires : November 2001


Reviewing, organising, and related work

Type-Tech Meetup : founding member (2020–)
Review College member, SWW DTP2 (2019–)
ATypI Working Seminar series initiator: Colombo (2019), Puebla (2019), Amiens (2020), Antwerp (2020)
Member of the team conducting the first institutional review for the Visual Communication sector, Israel (2018)
 ATypI : President (2017–20), Vice-President (2013–17), Board member (2004–2010, 2013–20)
ISTVC : Founding member (2011–)
Granshan Foundation : Founding member (2016–)
External Examiner : PhDs in the UK, and Netherlands
External Adviser : MA Graphic Communication Design, UAL (2021)
External Examiner : MA Graphic Design, University of Portsmouth (2009–14)

Eye magazine Type Tuesday: Out of the Reading box : Organiser. St Bride Library, London (2013)
Organising / scientific committee member / chair :
• ICTVC (2002, then triennially 2004 onwards)
• ATypI (annually 2005 onwards)
• Granshan Conference (annually 2013–17)
• Encontro de tipografia (annually 2014 onwards)
PDLP (2020)
Grafematik (biennially 2018 onwards)
Digicom (2017 onwards)
Editorial Board member : Grapholinguistics and its applicationsBook 2.0  journal; Hyphen journal
Funding applications reviewer : AHRC, EPSRC, ESF
Academic reviewer for numerous conference papers, journal articles, and book proposals
Academic promotions / tenure reviewer : HEIs in Canada, China, Egypt, Europe, UAE, and the USA
Macarthur Foundation referee
SoTA Typography Award committee member
Expert reviewer for typeface evaluations
Expert witness in relevant legal cases
Jury member:
• ATypI : Bukva:raz Moscow (2001), 
Letter2 Buenos-Aires (2011)
• Granshan : Dublin (2010), Amsterdam (2013), Barcelona (2014), St. Gallen (2015), Warsaw (2016), Yerevan (2017), global (2019, 2021)
TDC2 Non-Latin Advisory Board member (annually 2005–)


Interviews and media contributions

Quiz: Can you recognize the letter “G”? Quartz (April 2018)

Your E-mail Font Is Ruining Your Life. BloombergBusiness. (July 2015)

Ο Έλληνας που διδάσκει τυπογραφία τους Άγγλους. Καθημερινή. (May 2015)

Ο μοναδικός Έλληνας καθηγητής τυπογραφίας. Ημερησία. (April 2015)

On constructive feedback in design. For a book by Mariana Mota on verbal communication and leadership in design. (March 2015) • on YouTube

What fonts tell us about the global economics of the internet. The Atlantic and Quartz (July 2014)

Джерри Леонидас про учёбу в Университете Рединга. Шрифт. Russia (2014) •  English edition (2015) • Unedited version

Etiketa za mleko naj bo nežna, s tipografijo podobno rokopisu. DELO newspaper, Slovenia (2013)

‘Communicating with the Citizen’. Local UK radio stations. SAS UK (2012)

8 Faces magazine, UK (2012)

Ampers-fan. BBC R4, UK (2012)

[Morning news programme]. BBC Radio Berkshire, UK (2012)

Haaretz newspaper, Israel (2012)

Design education. TYPO 43 magazine, and longer version online, Czech Republic (2011)

FontClub Korea. Interview by Chang Kim (2011)

Η δύναμη της γραμματοσειράς. Πολίτης της Κυριακής (Politis on Sunday) newspaper, Cyprus (2011)

Εκπαίδευση γραφιστικής στην ΕλλάδαMarketing Week, Greece (2010)

Písmový guru. Font magazine, Czech Republic (2009)

CAP&Design magazine, Sweden (2007)

Athens International News radio, Greece (2007)

Questions, Questions. BBC R4 (2006)

Opening up a new era for type’. Computer Arts magazine, UK (2006)

TypeRadio. New York (2005)

Επιλογές (Epiloges) magazine, Greece (2004)

Ο γητευτής των γραμμάτων. Έψιλον /  Ελευθεροτυπία [Epsilon / Eleftherotypia] newspaper, Greece (2002)