Greek type design

This page is a hub for resources on Greek typeface design. There are texts to read, typefaces to study as examples, and links to resources for designers.

Update 2018: In addition and before any other texts, look at Designing Greek typefaces, published on Medium.

Beginners’ texts to read

Fundamental texts for typeface designers preparing for Greek.

Intermediate texts to read

Second-stage reading, for designers who want to go deeper.

Typefaces with Greek complements worth studying

Good contemporary examples, in a range of styles.

Polytonic typefaces of note

(This post in in Greek, but the typefaces are shown and identified clearly.)

Examples of ano teleia (and other punctuation) in texts

(Compiled to support a Unicode discussion.) Contains a historical overview of other Greek punctuation as well.

Writing and letter grouping

Material for the very first stage of designing Greek typefaces.

Texture and fitting

Material for making decisions for designing letter proportions, counters, and spacing and kerning Greek.

Monotonic case conversion

The absolute minimum needed to support case conversion in OpenType Greek fonts.

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